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“A good product description will “guide” a consumer and convince them to buy.” A compelling product description tells the customers about the product details such as features, how it solves the problems and benefits of it to generate a sale. No doubt the quality of a product description can make or break a sale, especially when it doesn’t include the information that helps the shopper to make a purchase decision. If you want a shopper to click on the “Add to Cart” button you must provide the details of your product.

Product description should be written in such a way that when shoppers browse for it, he must think about products that he is using and enjoy it. Are you struggling with writing product descriptions? Struggle no more! Contentwritingservice provide product description writing services that will boost your sales. Invest today, see results tomorrow.

Why Product Description is Important?

Any type of content you write and publish is the part of content marketing, it may be either for blog posting, web content, or product description. Just think about web content and blog posts.

You use the language to attract the customers, focus on the target audience and address the pain point, and show how your services solve the user’s problems. It’s all about the target audience. The same is the case with product description writing. You use such words to describe your product and appeal to the user how your product solves his problems. In this way, you are creating an emotional connection with the user. The main objective is to compel customers to take action - buy your product. Product description either make or break a purchase. It must be written in such a way that the search engine will index it. Before they are ever questioned, it should not only explain the product but also speak to value and address a consumer's questions about it.

When you start with your business and if you are thinking that on temporary bases used copy-pasted descriptions, when start earning then will hire someone. Then don’t kid yourself into it. The first impression is the last impression. Visitors will likes the things they buy and also refer them. But if your business gains the reputation of being incomplete then it will not influence the customers.

Contentwritingservice provides the best quality product descriptions. We have more than 2000 professional writers who have the expertise and know, how to write SEO based descriptions.

Elements of an effective product description

A good product description consists of many key elements. It depends on the product and which SEO approach you are adopting.

  • Item name
  • First, the product description should include the item name or name of the product. For example, if you're selling a style of T-shirts. Then you should mention the style name of the T-shirt twice in the product description. Repetition of the item name is an SEO tactic. It will show your product page on search engines. It will also remind the visitors what they are looking for, if you will mention the item name in the description.
  • A description of the product
  • While writing the product description you must be careful. Storytelling is common these days. But it doesn’t mean a story like fairyland. You have to write the story in such a way that customers imagine how he will use that product and how it will solve his problems. And that's the psychology of selling.
  • Product specifications
  • If you are selling online, you need to have product specs. And if you post pictures of the items, such packages or labels can not be seen by all internet shoppers. They depend on the details that you provide to make an informed buying decision. You will not buy any medicines or supplements without checking the percentages of ingredients. Any clothes without checking size. Or devices without reading about the technical specs. Usually, some online vendors do not offer full product details. Lots of potential buyers click away in this situation. When you will not mention the product specs you will lose purchase. You must adopt some strategy and discuss with your professional writer or marketing team.
  • Create scannability with bullet points
  • Use the bullet point while writing description it will increase readability.
  • Discuss benefits to motivate purchases
  • Try to discuss the benefits of your product to motivate the customer to move to take action-buy your product.

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